Bulingtar Project Update

Bulingtar Project Update

Great progress being made on the ground in Bulingtar on the construction of our new school wing. The previous building was deemed completely unsafe to use after the earthquake of 2015 and had to be destroyed. The new construction will be a bright and safe place for over 200 children to work and play. We broke ground in December 2018 and we are on track to open doors in August 2019.

Early Child Development Centre - Opening Day!

On Sunday the 16th December we opened the doors to our brand new Early Child Development Centre in a remote mountain area of Sindalpochowk, Nepal. 5 hours drive north of Kathmandu this village was one of the worst impacted areas of the earthquake of 2015 with over 60 fatalities in such a small area.

Early Child Development Centres are absolutely vital in Nepal for ensuring kids get an early start on education making it far more likely they will go on to attend school rather than turning to the streets or farms for work at a very young age which often leads to child marriage, abduction and worse.

We broke ground in April this year and officially opened on Sunday the 16th of December. A bright, safe and happy place for 75 3-5 year old underprivileged children.

The children were delighted with their new centre, not least with the slide and swings, most of the kids had never seen a ladder before let alone a slide so a little training was required along with some very brave first attempts ending in jumbled up heaps - but lots of happy faces all round!

Ground Breaking Day!

Ground Breaking Day!
On December the 13th 2018 we broke ground on a new school wing in a remote area of Bulingtar, Nepal. The school was seriously damaged in the earthquake of 2015 and has been overlooked by government and international aid agencies ever since. 
The school was at risk of being closed down, the children were beginning to travel great distances to go to school elsewhere and the teachers were starting to leave due to the poor working conditions. 
Due to open later this year the new building will provide safe education for over 200 underprivileged children.

New Child Development Centre, Nepal

Ground breaking and the blessing of the first brick at our new project in rural Nepal. An early childhood development centre for 60 3-5 year old underprivileged kids. Building in an area that lost so much in the earthquake of 2015.


It's all hands on deck in Padaryia, we are working hard to complete the 3rd floor of our school before the monsoon hits.  The 3rd floor will serve as a much needed secondary school for the kids.  Great progress being made by the team on the ground.

Good News From Padaryia, Nepal.

After a very successful first 18 months at our new school in Padaryia, Nepal we are happy announce that we have begun construction on a 3rd floor that will serve as a high school for children continuing their education. A great opportunity for the kids to gain access to better employment and further education opportunities.

Official School Opening!

Official inauguration and opening of our new school in Laharepauwa, Nepal. Over 200 children now back in safe education after the area and school were devastated by the earthquake of 2015. We wish the children many happier times ahead!

Laharepauwa School Finished - Official Opening March 14th

Doors and shutters installed. Just waiting for government sign off and then we officially open with a party for the kids, many of whom lost a lot more than just their school in the earthquake. We wish them many happier times ahead!

Completed Children's Home in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

After some very tough times in the Philippines we are delighted to offer a little good news. The opening of our first children's home for the most vulnerable kids residing on or around the city landfill of Cagayan De Oro.


After a couple of somewhat problematic months in Nepal regarding the country wide fuel embargo we have finally managed to break ground in Laharepauwa and begin our new project. All being well we are on track to have our new school up and open by November 2016.  Please check back for updates.