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In the earthquake of 2015 the Devchuli Child Development Centre for 60 kids aged from 3-5 years old in rural Nepal was completely destroyed.  Since then the children have had little access to a safe place to learn and play.  These centres are critical for giving impoverished young children a good start in life.

Children that attend these early development centres are far more likely to go onto a school education and perform better than those that stay at home until school age, many of whom by that point will not go to school at all.  This area was the worst impacted by the earthquake in terms of fatalities.  In the 3 years since the earthquake very little aid has got to this village and the children have been confined to a makeshift iron shed.

Having broken ground on the centre in March we visited the children and the families high up in the hills of Sindhupalchok.

We met with the community leaders, teachers, parents and of course the children to discuss the needs of the village and the issues facing the children and their future prospects.

In September we will open the doors to a brand new centre with 2 large classrooms, an assembly hall, a teachers office and a playground with slides and swings.