A new child development centre for 60 children aged between 3 and 5 years.  The old children's development centre was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.  Since then the children have had little access to a safe place to learn and play.  These centres are critical for giving impoverished young children a good start in life.  Children that attend these early development centres are far more likely to go onto a school education and perform better than those that stay at home until school age, many of whom by that point will not go to school at all.  

There were make shift shelters set up after the earthquake (pictured above and below) by NGOs, but they are now in serious disrepair and were not purpose built or indeed built for long term use.

The new centre will consist of 2 large classrooms, a common area/hall, an office, 2 bathroom blocks, a kitchen and an outside play area with slides and swings.

The budget for this project is $37,500 and its ready to go, there are a few items that I am still working on the price for, but these are aesthetics and wont dramatically impact the overall cost, but will bring it down a little.    I have done my due diligence on the project and am happy to proceed.  We will be working with trusted contacts on the ground including Deepak with whom we regularly work.  If we go ahead then work can begin almost immediately. 

The actual location of the project is not on google maps, but is located in ward number 7 on the municipality map in the gallery below, to the north east of Kathmandu.  As ever we have strong support from the community with pro-bono labour being supplied for unskilled work from the local network.

The project will be fully self sustaining once complete, the organisation we are working with will provide long term running costs from their support base. 

I think this is a great project and is very much needed. The impact on these children's lives and children in future years will be very significant.

There are a number of these centres that will need building, so I hope this will serve as an example to other charities of what can be achieved.