Gorakhkali Secondary School, Bulingtar, Rural Municipality, Ward No. 4, Arkhala, Nawalparasi.

On 19th January 2018, our local team including Mr Tilottam Paudel, Mr Deepak Bashyal, Mr Homnatha Jaishi, Mr Deepak Sharma and Ms Shraddha Verma visited Gorakhkali Secondary School, Bulingtar, Rural Municipality, Ward No. 4, Arkhala, Nawalparasi and held a discussion with the school community. The visit was carried out to assess the state and the need of the school.

159 boys and 143 girl students attend the school aged between 6 and 15 years old. The annual drop out rate is around 10% and primarily girls. This can amongst other negative outcomes, lead to youth crime, alcoholism and child marriage, with girls as young as 13 getting married.




The school is on the verge of being closed by the government as the classrooms are in such disrepair that they are not safe for children to enter. Teachers are leaving due to the dire conditions and drop out rates are certain to increase even if the school was to remain open.

The main project would be the construction of 4 rooms and a compound wall that was damaged during the earthquake of 2015.  Whilst working with the government to incentivise girls to return/attend school with financial benefits provided by the government to the families if the girls meet attendance standards. 

The project will also work towards bringing better teachers back to the area providing a quality education and a child friendly environment for the children of Gorakhkali Secondary School so that the high dropout rates could be reduced.

I believe this project will not only be a great help to the children of the school, but also a much needed boost to the community in terms of education, girls empowerment, women's rights and economic growth.

The total budget for this project is £47,000, from signing to project completion it will take approximately 10 months.

The project will be manged on the ground by Deepak Bashyal with whom I have worked on many successful projects in and around this area.