The Children of the Cancha Cancha valley


The children from in and around the Cancha Cancha Valley have to walk many perilous miles through the mountains to attend school on the valley floor.  Often taking up to 4 hours to walk home in the dark each evening.

There are schools in the mountains but they are of a terrible standard and there is wide spread alcoholism with the teachers and many reported cases of abuse towards the children.

Some children choose to stay in often dangerous accommodation on the valley floor or indeed sleep rough in the cold.  Arising from this is a truly horrific situation where children are kidnapped by truck drivers who now constantly drive through the valley to work the mines.

We want to build a safe home for these children in the valley where indigenous farming and art techniques will be taught, which is something seriously lacking, but hugely beneficial for the children and their families.  The children will also have supervised journeys to government schools each morning.  

The vast majority of the children's parents are completely illiterate.  The children being able to attend good schools whilst being helped with homework in a safe environment would have a great impact on the family life when the children return to their homes.  

There is a big problem with malnutrition in the area, the people that we would be working with go to great lengths to prepare nutritious food for the children that they look after and also deliver nutritious snacks to schools in the area.

Currently there is a small orphanage looking after some of the children but there is a desperate need for a dormitory.  The new dorm would hold 30 children and a few staff members.

This project really would change the lives of many children and families.  If I can get the land donated then the total budget will be approximately £105,000.